Parents to decide if children will attend in-class education

As coronavirus challenges continue, only Turkey’s youngest students are due back in class later this month, Education Minister Ziya Selçuk said, adding it will be up to parents to decide whether pupils will attend face-to-face sessions.

The first graders will initially go to school one day a week and two days a week in the following weeks, according to Selçuk.

“On Sept. 21, we will start face-to-face education with only preschool and first-year students. Parents’ consent is important, and they will be free to not send their children to school for in-class education if they do not want to,” he said.

The minister added that face-to-face education for all the grades will be re-evaluated three weeks after the Sept. 21 classes begin.

Remote learning will continue through national broadcaster TRT’s Education Information Network (EBA) channels and live courses.


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